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The Bar Method has been my saving grace! Thank you beautiful, powerful Courtney and all of our encouraging, energetic, educated teachers for the continued work to help students get lean, limber and strong. Especially thank you to vivacious Burr Leonard for creating The Bar Method…you look AMAZING !!! My quest for my Bar body started out in my early 20’s at a gym. A retired conditioning coach for the Chargers worked there. He trained me to have proper form weightlifting and got me into pristine shape. Eventually I got tired of the masculine gym energy and stopped going. In my 30’s, I went to aerobics and step classes.  My body started to break down. I took spin class and ran until my knees and hips hurt. When I turned 40, I stopped exercising, gained weight and got depressed.

One day, my 14 year old daughter Elizabeth said to me, “Mom, your seat is rolling down your legs.”  I was mortified !!! My girlfriend suggested The Bar Method so I tried it.

Cassie was my first instructor. The class was tough…especially the dance of fire and pretzel. I noticed that the students were all so strong and lean. I wanted what they had. By the end of the first class I was hooked. Cassie was also my first instructor for level 2 class. Thank you Cassie! I now go to 5 Bar classes a week. I know with Bar that it is progress not perfection.  I try to bring as many friends as I can to class with me so we can have fun, work hard and encourage each other to persevere. I am a Registered Nurse and I love the fact that Burr Leonard uses a systematic medical approach toward all Bar exercise. It gives me relief that Bar is safe and effective. Best of all, my 20 year old body is back. I am stronger, leaner and more confident. I am no longer depressed and my seat does not roll down my legs!!!

My daughter is going to come to Bar with me and I am so excited for her.  I explained it to her like this, “Elizabeth, Bar Method is a personal devotional dance with yourself. It’s a fierce feminine practice.  It’s a spiritual meditation and a saving grace.”

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to Courtney and The Bar Method Carmel Mountain.

“My 20 year old body is back. I am stronger, leaner and more confident.”

~ Jane Waterhouse