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At 48, I realized that my body was changing and not for the better. Just like our Harley, I too had saddlebags, when I waved my arm, it waved back and that top button on my jeans was just a little too tight. I knew I needed to change my current work-out routine. Having Lupus, I needed a low impact program for my joints but wanted and over-all workout to strengthen and tone my body. On January 3, 2013 I took my first class and began my journey with The Bar Method.

After my first 2 classes, I realized that I had muscles that I never knew existed, and obviously had not been used in a long time. I noticed people shaking during certain exercises in class and this was encouraged. My first thought was “really, you want me to do that.” The first time entering my “shaky zone” was an unusual experience, but I soon realized getting into this zone and staying in the muscle was how change occurs. Once I learned the process of class, I was able to begin getting into the muscle and observe the positive physical changes to my body. I began to see the saddlebags shrink and some carving out of my upper arms. I actually have muscles!! With this new upper body strength I am now able to do push-ups, and not just one, on the balls of my feet. One exercise I never thought I would be able to achieve. In addition to these changes, I no longer have any hip or ankle pain, something I was plagued with each morning since my Lupus diagnosis in 2003.

To The Bar Method Carmel Mountain instructors. Ladies, what can I say. I value each of your teaching styles and the way you motivate during class. Each of you seem to know when I have reached my breaking point and you then encourage me to keep going. You are all an inspiration!!!

So 10 months into my journey, the positive physical changes are apparent but beyond that I am feeling great!!! I have more energy, more stamina, less joint pain, and my confidence is on an all time high. My husband of 25 years thinks, at 48, I am looking great…look out 50 here I come!!!!

Bar Method Carmel Mountain is definitely a part of my daily routine. I couldn’t imagine my life without it. To the entire staff, thank you for assisting me in becoming the best I can be!!!.

“With this new upper body strength I am now able to do push-ups, and not just one, on the balls of my feet.”

~ Beckette Williams